“The Big Picture”

One of the stellar sermons preached on Youth Sunday 2015 at All Saints Church: Cameron Henderson on Sunday, June 7.

“Let Love Lead”

One of the stellar sermons preached on Youth Sunday 2015 at All Saints Church: Claire Danna on Sunday, June 7.

“Mind the Gap”

One of the stellar sermons preached on Youth Sunday 2015 at All Saints Church: Bonnie Zucco on Sunday, June 7.


Youth Sunday 2015: A Great Cloud of Witnesses

youth preachers montageWe celebrated our annual Youth Sunday on June 7 with a truly stellar line up of youth preachers: Cameron Henderson, Claire Danna, Bonnie Zucco and Raphael Gonzalez at the 7:30, 9:00, 11:15 and 1:00 services respectively.

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summer adventure

Summer Adventure 2015

Fit to Change the World:
everyBODY included

July 13 – 17

This year’s Summer Adventure is for absolutely everyBODY! It’s about celebrating health and wellness in all that we are. It’s about loving ourselves for however we are made — not about feeling bad for what we are not.  It’s about movement: running, jumping, making our way on crutches, walking, crawling or rolling in a wheel chair. And sometimes it’s about sitting still or laying down. 

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God, My Parents & Me

Rebekah Garcia and Kristen Harman

“I was reluctantly willing to try it, I was not confident that the group really had anything to offer me. Plus, it would require actually leaving my house. With my twins. And possibly showering. At the time those were monumental challenges, indeed!

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All Saints Youth Unpacking “isms”


by Jeremy Langill, Director of Youth Ministry

Isaac Ruelas’ and my goal is always to integrate deep relationality, spirituality, learning, and fun into an engaging and thought-provoking theme for our Wednesday night youth program. This year we decided to delve into multi-culturalism, and to begin the work of really exposing our youth to the many “isms” that continue to operate in American society and culture today.

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30HR fast

Focus on Youth: Thirty Hour Fast

In a culture where accessibility to food is so easy and the options are so delicious, how many people would choose to fast for 30 hours? With homework, sports, music, friends and family, who has the time and energy to participate in the hard practice of fasting? Over the past 10 years the youth of All Saints have participated in an annual 30 Hour Fast, which happens every February in solidarity with different causes around food justice.

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Youth Choir

luke readyLuke Ready

Having been in choir for about 12 years, you could say I’m a lifer. I started in mini-singers, and now continue to sing in the high school Trouveres. Over this time I’ve come to realize the meaningful opportunity that the choir program has given me: the opportunity to break down barriers and touch people emotionally in a unique way.

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Children and Youth Choir Program

Choir Signup

Kyla McCarrel and Lora McManus

I joined the All Saints Youth Choirs when I was four years old and attended fourteen years of weekly rehearsals and early Sunday morning services. This program was my first introduction to the world of classical choral music, and I know that without it, I would not be where I am today. I will be starting my senior year at Chapman University this fall, with a double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance.

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Youth Sunday coming up, June 1st!

How All Saints Rector Ed Bacon spent this afternoon: Doing Bible study with seniors preparing for their Youth Sunday sermons on June 1st. Mark your calendars now!