Transformational Journeys

hindu temple

Transformational Journey: BAPS Hindu Temple

Saturday, August 27

Join us as we tour the BAPS Hindu Temple (Mandir) and conference center. After our tour we will attend the Arti or morning prayer service. Our guide will give us an overview of basic Hindu spirituality and beliefs. We will also tour the lovely grounds, learning how this temple was built.

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Watts Towers

A Transformational Journey
Saturday, June 11

A native of Serino, Italy, Sabato “Simon” Rodia was born in 1879. He arrived in the U.S. around 1894, and made his way to Watts, CA in 1921. The Watts Towers, his masterpiece and the world’s largest single construction created by one individual, was his obsession for 33 years. He called it “Nuestro Pueblo,” or “Our Town.”

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st sophia

Transformational Journey to St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Take a Transformation Journey without leaving Los Angeles! Visit this local cathedral dedicated to the “Holy Wisdom of God,” witness the beautiful architecture of the church and its beautiful grounds, while also learning about the Orthodox tradition and Orthodox Christian community in LA.

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30HR fast

Focus on Youth: Thirty Hour Fast

In a culture where accessibility to food is so easy and the options are so delicious, how many people would choose to fast for 30 hours? With homework, sports, music, friends and family, who has the time and energy to participate in the hard practice of fasting? Over the past 10 years the youth of All Saints have participated in an annual 30 Hour Fast, which happens every February in solidarity with different causes around food justice.

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Transformational Journeys, China

Transformational Journeys

Transformational Journeys Ministry plans local and global journeys that challenge participants to go outside of their comfort zone to encounter people of different cultures who live in challenging circumstances.

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“Faith into Action”

ASC’s Peace and Justice Ministries, along with the Office of Creative Connections, have just published the new edition of the newsletter “Faith into Action,” with stories about Homeboy’s Father Greg Boyle, transformational journeys to El Salvador and China, among others.

You can download the PDF version of the newsletter here.