Rector’s Forum

Who and How?

Understanding the Plague of Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Huey Merchant and Jack Scott in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, June 19, 2016:

“This is a public health problem. Can you imagine if over 30,000 deaths were occurring every year for some other cause that we wouldn’t do something about it? Suppose there were an airplane crash every day that took 88 lives. Would we simply shrug our shoulders and say that we can’t do anything about it?

Reweaving the Fabric of Our Society

Policy for the 100%

Simone Campbell in the Rector’s Forum on Youth Sunday, June 5, 2016:

“I believe that those of us who have a root in faith, where we know that God is in ALL creation, that we are challenged and called to do what I call ‘walking towards trouble.’ We need to walk towards the challenges of our time.”

Hearts & Hands

Creating Community in Violent Times

Luis J. Rodriguez in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, May 29, 2016:

“Why don’t we have a diversity in ideas? The voices are either right wing or liberal. That’s the only way we think? This country’s very diverse, we have a lot of spectrum. I know a lot of conservatives who have good ideas, and, of course, I know a lot of liberals who have good ideas, but the point is we don’t know how to speak to each other anymore.”

Winning the Battle Against Religion-Based Bigotry

Jenny Pizer in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, May 22, 2016:

“One vision is that religious liberty should come first and everything else should give way. To others, Church and State are supposed to be separate and it’s essential that they be separate for the good of both… These are two competing visions. Is there one that’s right and another that’s wrong? Well, actually, no — they have to live together. And they do live together if we do our work well.”

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The Next Chapter Begins!

Jason Lyon, Rick Davis and Zelda Kennedy on Sunday, May 8:

“We are a community in motion. And that is as true today as it has been.”

Film, Faith & Jesus

Rodrigo Garcia in the Rector’s Forum, Sunday, April 24, 2016:

“My dad [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] would say things like ‘everything is in the Bible.’ I think he would say that if you read the Bible, Don Quixote, Moby Dick, Oedipus Rex, and War and Peace you could be done.”

The Sacrament of Poems

Kim Rosen in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday April 17, 2016:

“The absolute power of a poem is not even the melting of walls between people — it’s discovering that those walls were never there.”

Defined By Love, Not By Fear

Sharon Brous in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, April 10, 2016:

“I want for us to live from a place of courage and a place of hope and possibility — and not be defined by fear, but be defined by love.”

On Practicing Radical Compassion

Richard Rohr in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, April 8, 2016:

“Christianity was meant to be a cosmic message, not a tribal message.”

Soul and Synapse: The Integration of Science and Spirituality

Dan Siegel in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, March 13, 2016:

“[Integration] means holding the idea that you have an aspect of yourself that is within the body called the ‘me,’ and an aspect that is interconnected and linked to all living beings called a ‘we’ — and together that makes a ‘mwe,’ an integrated self. And together, ‘mwe’ can make this a kinder and more compassionate and healthier world.”

The Secular Meaning of Pope Francis

James Carroll in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, February 14, 2016:

“[Pope Francis] doesn’t lead by exhortation, much less command. He leads by invitation. And what he’s inviting is a change in the way we think of our own existence, which of course includes the way we think of God. He has put it into words this way: ‘The first reform,’ he says, ‘is not in the structures of the church or structures of belief or doctrine. The first reform must be in our attitude.’ If we can change our attitude about our experience and our situation, everything follows from that.”

Owning the Call to Be Agents of Change in Overcoming Racism

Tim Wise in the Rector’s Forum, Sunday, January 31, 2016:

“It is a poison — Whether it is privilege, or the myth of meritocracy, whether it is racism itself — and it is making us sick, those of us for whom that system was established. Maybe not as sick as those who are its targets, and I’m not saying that our suffering and pain equates in any way to that of people of color — but it does tell us that we’re all being poisoned from a common fountain. And if we’re going to get healthy we’re going to have to see ourselves as the collateral damage of that system of iniquity.”