Holy Week

“A New and Fuller Life”

Ed Bacon on Easter Sunday, April 5:

“The risen Jesus has gone back to work, dismantling the very crucifying system that crucified him. Alleluia, Alleluia!”

“The Cross: A Symbol of Universal Love”

Ed Bacon on Sunday, March 29:

“To have the mind of Christ in us is to interrupt and dismantle whatever is crucifying anyone; to transform pain and trauma into love and justice.”

lenten altar

Monday in Holy Week: The Both/And of Holy Week

by Susan Russell

The gospel story appointed for this Monday in Holy Week is the retelling of Mary’s extravagant outpouring of precious perfume as a gift to Jesus — a gift that earned her a tongue lashing from Judas.

It is a story not only told in this Gospel according to John. In Mark it says, “The disciples were infuriated with her.” Matthew says, “They murmured against her.” But what all the tellings of the story have in common is that the good deed – the gift she offered – was judged and rejected by those surrounding Jesus who thought she should have made a different choice.

And then Jesus intervened.

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Lenten Meditation: Malcolm Boyd and Finding the Holy in Holy Week

by Susan Russell

Malcolm Boyd was friend and colleague, priest and poet, preacher and activist. It is no exaggeration to say that his Are You Running With Me, Jesus? — published in 1965 — fed the hunger of a generation of people who had given up on the church or anyone connected with it having anything relevant to say.

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holy week triad

Holy Week and Easter Services at All Saints Church, Pasadena

Commit yourself to walk with Jesus this week. The services of Holy Week commemorate Jesus’ descent into death before the great miracle of Easter. The crowds’ cheers at Jesus’ triumphal parade into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday turn to jeers and the demand for his death on Good Friday. The liturgical journey allows us to descend to the depths of despair in what seem to be Jesus’ final hours in order to experience in new ways the incomparable joy and power of resurrection on Easter. Daily Eucharist traces the journey, building through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to the triumph of Easter.

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Holy Week Events at ASC

Good Friday, March 18

Three-hour service:

Noon to 3 p.m. (Church). This service commemorating the passion and death of Jesus is a major moment in Holy Week. The rector and members of the clergy staff offer five meditations on the meaning of the crucifixion in our own time. Each meditation is part of a fabric of worship and reflection that includes hymns, scripture, prayers and silence. Canterbury and Coventry choirs offer spirituals and music of Ireland, Stainer, Duruflé, Connor, Beach, Greene, Britten, Bach and Hogan. Parking is available at Plaza Las Fuentes. Signs and parking attendants will direct you.

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