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Witnesses for Giving: Karen Alexander and Kurt Johnstad on Sunday, October 26, 2014.

Kate and Charles Barker

Stories of Generosity: Kate & Charles

Kate and Charles Barker

Growing up on opposite coasts we could not have imagined we would meet, marry, make our home, raise our own family, and have our careers here in Pasadena. But this is our story.

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Stories of Generosity: Mark & Nicole

Mark Moreno and Nicole Gatto

When Nicole’s and Mark’s paths came together four years ago, they shared a lot in common. They had studied at the same university, had lived in the same neighborhoods and had even gone to the same church where they had sat in the same pews but not known each other. When they did meet, they talked about wanting to develop the spiritual side of their relationship and begin their faith journey together.

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Shelley Lei

Stories of Generosity: Shelley

I found All Saints through Yelp.

My mother grew up in a very strict sect of the Seventh Day Adventists. Because of this, she shied away from church life after she left home to go to college. My father, born in China, grew up Buddhist. Until I was six, we were semi-regular practicing Buddhists. After we moved away from the nearest temple, we stopped practicing and I grew up in a secular household. We discussed the philosophy of and debated the merits of various religions, but did not actively have faith in any one religion.

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Matthew Berkley

Stories of Generosity: Matthew

All Saints has been the one constant in my life.

When my mother Pat Kelly, asked me to attend a new church in Pasadena with her, I was reluctant. Ten years earlier the church I grew up in had rejected my being gay, and I was not ready to allow religion back in my life. She said, “They have really great music at All Saints,” something she knew I would appreciate. After several weeks of her cajoling me to attend with her, I acquiesced to her request. It was All Saints Sunday, 1990.

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