Economic Justice

Ed Bacon: “Lamps Trimmed and Burning”

oil lamp

Two Christian traditions have used the parable of the wise and foolish maidens.

The tradition of the great African-American Spirituals used the parable’s imagery during slavery to create a “code song” for the Underground Railroad.  “Keep your lamps trimmed and burning” is a stirring Spiritual which refers to watching for the lantern of the conductor of the under-ground railroad. Staying alert and not getting weary were spiritual and practical values so that a slave running toward freedom wouldn’t miss his or her opportunity to be shown at night where the safe passages were, leading to an emancipated life.

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‘Active Hope’ Small Groups

Fall Small Groups to Envision a Justice-Based Economy for All

All Saints Church’s Economic Justice & Nonviolence Working Group invites you to explore the connection between economy, creation and the future of life on Earth in Active Hope: An Economy for the Common Good, a parish-wide, four-week series of small group study, sharing and reflection. Our plan for the groups will be to examine how long-accepted economic theories, assumptions and practices have led to devastating inequality and ecological crisis requiring deep systemic change.

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Economic Justice and Nonviolence

Betsy PerryBetsy Perry

What Betsy Perry loves about working on the Economic Justice Nonviolence Working Group:

1. Amazingly interesting political opportunities to learn how to arrange meetings with California Assemblyman Christopher Holden and State Senator Carol Liu for the All Saints Legislative Action Group; and to learn from two parishioners who have extensive experience working with legislators and coached us in the best way to establish a working relationship with these legislators that can directly affect measures passed by our state legislature.

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Economic Justice and Nonviolence

Cecil HoffmanCecil Hoffman

On a hot mid-day Tuesday, August 13, five of us from the ASC Economic Justice/Nonviolence working group, together with Francisco Garcia, joined a picket line in front of the Food4Less Market at the corner of Lake St. and Washington Blvd. in Pasadena. We carried signs saying “Support Food4Less Workers.” We were there to express solidarity with employees of that market who were protesting the decision of Kroger Company (owner of Ralphs and Food 4Less) to reduce wages and benefits as a condition for contract renewal with The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW, Local 770). I was touched by the enthusiastic reception given us by the twenty or so union workers who had been picketing in front of the store a number of hours before our arrival.

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Taste-In at Ración Restaurant, Sunday, June 29

5 PM – 6:30 PM

Support this Spanish-inspired, economically-sustainable restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. Dine well and justly with this restaurant that is choosing to take the high-road with both its food choices and employment practices.

Hear from co-owners/chefs Loretta Peng and Teresa Montaño as they share their story and passion for this work. Learn about the work of Restaurant Opportunities Center-Los Angeles (ROC-LA) from restaurant employees and ROC-LA staff, as they seek to improve wages and working conditions for restaurant employees, and transform the industry.

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Take Action! Stand Up for a Living Wage

The Economic Justice Working Group and Nonviolence invites you to a half-day topical training on the issue of challenging wage and income inequality in support of a living wage. This issue emerged as the top area of initial interest among participants in our March plenary session.

Come to this participatory training and get grounded, versed, and equipped for action, in community. This will be the first of a series of trainings on this issue, as we build our commitment and capacity to create a more just economy for all!

Saturday, June 14, 9 AM – 1 PM in the Learning Center

All the details can be found in this flyer, which you can download.

Go here to register online.

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Charlie Rahilly

Wealth and Inequality in America, Sunday, May 4, 10:15 AM

“Connecting the Economic Justice Dots”

Ed Bacon and Charlie Rahilly discuss the influential work of economist Thomas Piketty in a multi-media Rector’s Forum focused on the intersection between cutting edge economic theory and the social justice imperative. Piketty, a French economist has written a new book “Capital in the 21st Century” — a runaway, off the charts, sold-out-at-Amazon best seller which Paul Krugman believes “has transformed our economic discourse; we’ll never talk about wealth and inequality the same way we used to.”

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Watch: Cornel West on Economic Justice

Cornel West visited the ASC Rector’s Forum on Sunday, Feb. 16 to speak about a variety of topics, including economic justice.