Economic Justice


Featured Ministry: Sustainable World

by Mark Edwards

I was in a dry spell, feeling like I wasn’t contributing very much of myself beyond my regular business as a construction manager and architect. The issues of sustainability, a significant focus in our design and construction work, nagged at me to be more active beyond that work venue. Further than that, our business sent me to Nigeria several times where I observed some of the most dramatic examples of un-sustainable systems and living. This experience finally pushed me to find a place where I might begin to participate in a useful way.

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Reza Aslan & Jessica Jackley

Sunday, March 12

Long time friend Reza Aslan will be our preacher at the 9:00 & 11:15 am services and at 10:15 am our Rector’s Forum speaker will be Jessica Jackley — entrepreneur and co-founder of Kiva and Profounder: organizations promoting economic development through microloans. Jessica will present “Going Deeper: Choice, Connection, and Commitment in Service”

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California: Fearless, United!

Sunday, December 18

All Saints Church is proud to be a co-sponsor of the December 18th California: Fearless, United Rally & March. Standing together as immigrant, environmental, faith, labor, LGBT, and women’s rights groups in the heart of Los Angeles — one of the most diverse cities in the world — we will put our faith into action as we continue in the work of turning the human race into the human family.

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A Litany for the National Moral Day of Action

Today, September 12, 2016, clergy and justice leaders will gather in thirty states and at our nation’s capital for the National Higher Ground Moral Day of Action. Led by William Barber, James Forbes, Traci Blackmon and Sister Simone Campbell today’s actions launch a moral revival in support of the “Higher Ground Moral Declaration.”

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The One-Minute Activist

Do you only have a minute? That’s all you need to make a difference in our Peace & Economic Justice work here at All Saints.

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All Saints Youth Unpacking “isms”


by Jeremy Langill, Director of Youth Ministry

Isaac Ruelas’ and my goal is always to integrate deep relationality, spirituality, learning, and fun into an engaging and thought-provoking theme for our Wednesday night youth program. This year we decided to delve into multi-culturalism, and to begin the work of really exposing our youth to the many “isms” that continue to operate in American society and culture today.

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Painted in Waterlogue

Lenten Action 2015: Following Our Prophetic Call

Following our prophetic call, we seek to embody the inclusive love of God in Christ through Spirituality, Community, and Peace & Justice.

The Vision Statement of All Saints Church clearly calls us to faithful action on peace and justice issues in community. Within this vision, one of our core values is a commitment to be world-focused: Our personal journeys of faith are informed by and made accountable to the world’s deep needs when we are dispersed throughout this multicultural region for courageous and risk-filled work of peace and justice. [From All Saints Church Vision Statement: Foundational Values]

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living wage forum

All Saints Joins Partners in Forefront of Living Wage Movement

All Saints Church is honored to be part of the growing coalition of community partners leading the push for economic justice for Pasadena workers.

According to Francisco Garcia, All Saints’ Director of Peace & Justice, “A recent report in the Pasadena Weekly indicates that Pasadena is one of the most unequal cities in the state of California when it comes to the income gap between the rich and the poor — with over 22,000 of the nearly 70,000 employed Pasadena residents earning less than $15 per hour.”

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Change the Story, Change the Future


Imagine an economy in which life is valued more than money and power resides with ordinary people who care about one another, their community, and their natural environment.

Join author, lecturer, and engaged citizen David Korten — co-founder/board chair of YES! Magazine, author of the international best seller “When Corporations Rule the World” — at the West Coast launch of his new book “Change the Story, Change Future” here at All Saints Church on Sunday, January 25th.

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Active Hope Reading Group

“There’s a reason that Jesus talked about money more than almost anything. We are economic beings! Economics is integral!”

In the Active Hope reading groups, sponsored by the Economic Justice Nonviolence Working Group here at All Saints Pasadena, we are learning to talk about challenging subjects …

Money, Inequality

… and systematic conditions that put justice and “fair play” out of reach for millions in our society.

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