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Conspire 3.0: Everything Belongs

The greatest dis-ease facing humanity is our profound and painful disconnection–and division? sometimes from God and ourselves, and from each other and our earth. How do we heal?  How do we face injustice and evil? In this latest Conspire event,  Richard Rohr offers us the opportunity to begin with a  foundational “yes” to who we are and what is.

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Jon Dephouse: “Conspire 2014 — Dangerous Christianity”

ConspireLast week Zelda Kennedy, Hope Hendricks-Bacon, Ed Bacon and I attended the Conspire conference in New Mexico, featuring Richard Rohr, Rob Bell and Ilia Delio. We have all heard of the category, “spiritual but not religious,” but these three dynamic thinkers in Christianity say we are in the midst of an evolutionary moment in religious thinking.

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Richard Rohr: Video Previews!

All Saints Church is honored to partner with the Center for Action and Contemplation in a pioneering event on June 8 & 9 to launch the Conspire Community – using video teachings by renowned spiritual teacher Richard Rohr, exclusively available at All Saints Church, followed by dialogue with Rector Ed Bacon.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting previews of the content that will be presented over those two days.  Take a look!

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