“The Jesus Movement”

Zelda Kennedy on Christmas, Sunday, December 25, 2016:

“My friends, I pray this day that the holy, living and compassionate God calls us to bring our creative and redeeming love into this world, so that we believe that we can make a difference and do what others claim cannot be done.”

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“The Tyrant Fears The Poet”

Mike Kinman on Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 24, 2016:

“God’s greatest gift to us — the gift that came wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger — is the poet’s gift of wonder and hope.”

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“Be What You See. Receive Who You Are.”

Susan Russell on Christmas Eve,  Saturday, December 24, 2016:

“Be what you see. Here. Now. And then remember what you’re called to be in the days, weeks and months ahead: Be the Hope that rebellions are built on.”

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Christmas 2016 at All Saints Church

Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on the journey this Christmas, there is a service here at All Saints Church for you! From the energetic retelling of the Christmas story complete with shepherds, angel and a baby in the manger at our 3pm family service to candlelight and chamber orchestra at the 11pm Festive Eucharist; English or Spanish; Christmas Eve or Christmas Day … Join us!

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“Angels’ Work”

Ed Bacon on Christmas Eve, 2015:

“I know the new rector will be perfect for this faith community at this time in history. And there are things we don’t know. The new rector may be a woman. The new rector may be a person of color. The new rector may be gay. The new rector may be transgender. If any of these things are making you itch right now — then you’ve got some work to do!.. But an angel is leaning over you tonight saying, ‘Grow… grow… you need a bigger story.’ “

“Unshakeable Faith”

Zelda Kennedy on Christmas Eve, 2015:

“Sometimes God’s free grace is hard to accept. Sometimes, we wonder why God’s love is so radically inclusive, especially when it extends to someone we are not particularly fond of or consider an enemy. Fortunately, for us, we are ALL recipients of God’s radical and inclusive love and grace, even when we feel unworthy or that others do not warrant it.”

Holy Family Values

by Susan Russell

As the countdown to Christmas continues, the preparations shift into high gear for the celebrations and services here at All Saints Church. The choirs are rehearsing their music, the preachers are mulling their texts and Gary Leonard and his crew are organizing to once again deck the halls of All Saints Church for the six services of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

baby jesus familiesAnd we will start on Christmas Eve with the three o’clock “Family Candlelight Service” – which includes the Christmas story retold in pageant form complete with angels, shepherds, wise men/women and (of course) Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus. And because at All Saints Church we know that families come in many varieties, our holy families have come in many different shapes and sizes over the years – including blended families, multi-racial families and same-sex families – all part of the wonderful tapestry of telling and retelling the beloved Christmas story.

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Give the Gift of Warmth this Christmas


Nearly 200 of our homeless neighbors join us for our Food Ministry Holiday Party every year here at All Saints Church.

This year the party is on Monday, December 22nd — and we are in need of gloves, knit hats, mufflers and thermal underwear to give the gift of warmth to our neighbors in the cold days and weeks ahead.  Please bring donations by Sunday, December 21 to the food basket on the lawn on Sundays — or to the church office during the week. For more information contact Norma Sigmund at 626-583-2734 or

Janine Schenone

Janine Schenone: “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”

Janine Schenone on Christmas Day, 2013:

“What would it be like to gaze into the eyes of an infant Jesus, trying to get to know him better? I think that Jesus knows us in and out. I think God knows us thoroughly, but wants to be known by us. And I think what happens when we gaze into Jesus’ eyes is that we start to gain in self-knowledge… We get a sense of who we are and what we could become in Christ…”