Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon: “Everything Is Being Put Together Again”

Ed Bacon on Sunday, January 12:

“Self-rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the ‘Beloved.’ Being the Beloved expresses the core truth of our existence.”


“Mindfulness,” Sun. Jan 12 Rector’s Forum

In the 10:15 Rector’s Forum this Sunday, Ed Bacon will have a conversation with three professionals who are using mindfulness in healing and empowering ways. Ann D’Angelo is an educator teaching mindfulness to students and parents. Sarah Nichols is an Episcopal priest using mindfulness with hospice patients who are facing death. Charles DeLeeuw is a psychotherapist trained in using mindfulness with Veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress and other war-related traumas in their lives.

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Patrice Repar in Performance: “Who Cares: Heading Home in the Other Shoes”

All Saints Church Forum, Sunday, Jan. 12

2 PM – 4 PM

How might singing and songwriting provide support and inspiration for hospice workers in South Africa?

In the South African summer (North American winter), a team of health care professionals and artists explore this question by conducting a study at South Coast Hospice in KwaZulu Natal, the northeastern province of South Africa.

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Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon: “New Year’s Eve Homily”

Ed Bacon on Tuesday, Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve:

“This homily is about inviting all of us, at every crossroad of our life, to be prepared to bump into wonder! And to foreswear at this table tonight, wherever we have ruts in our life, not to upholster them, but rather to live a life of newness, which is a life of risk-taking.”


“God Is Not a Christian”

On January 5, the first Sunday of 2014, Ed Bacon will share reflections, epiphanies, and photos from his November journey to India, Nepal, and Thailand. Come learn about his visit with the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, profound moments of prayer on the Ganges with a Hindu priest, and mystical moments in a monastery temple in Bangkok.

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Janine Schenone

Janine Schenone: “Slouching Toward Bethlehem”

Janine Schenone on Christmas Day, 2013:

“What would it be like to gaze into the eyes of an infant Jesus, trying to get to know him better? I think that Jesus knows us in and out. I think God knows us thoroughly, but wants to be known by us. And I think what happens when we gaze into Jesus’ eyes is that we start to gain in self-knowledge… We get a sense of who we are and what we could become in Christ…”