Zelda Kennedy

Zelda Kennedy: “Jesus Is Watching You”

Zelda Kennedy preaching on Sunday, Feb. 2:

“I believe we need to know and to believe that God is beside us; where we live, on the level ground; where we are sick, and in need; where we struggle to do what is right, and where we fight to retain our faith. I believe we need to know and to believe that we, too, can touch, and be touched, by Jesus – right here and now.”

Father Greg Boyle, Rector’s Forum, Sun. Feb. 2, 10:30 AM

father_greg_boyle“Gangs, Kinship and Reversing the Culture of Demonization”

Who is responsible for the number of young people who have stayed out of prison, have reduced their levels of traumatic stress disorder, found full- or part-time work and rekindled their ties with families?

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Janine Schenone

Janine Schenone: “The Snark Factor”

Janine Schenone on Sunday, January 19 talks about “The Snark Factor”:

“How can we effectively proclaim the Good News of Salvation and union with God if we consider ourselves superior to others? This is not the Good News that Jesus proclaimed. On the other hand, how can we love people, Christians or otherwise, who have been verbally and physically violent toward us and the people we love? The same way that Jesus loved his enemies. He confronted them and spoke against them, but did not assume a position of superiority over them. He opposed them with love, with acceptance for who they were at that moment.”


Jazz Vespers at ASC, 2014

The All Saints Jazz Vespers program brings together amazing musicianship and holy inspiration six times a year for a service of prayer, meditation and music. So many of them tell us that they love playing in the context of a vespers service with prayers and short meditations and the sense that this is a holy enterprise, not just a jazz concert in the church.

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One Book, One Church: BEYOND OUTRAGE by Robert Reich

robert_reich_3003-week Small Group Series begins February 2.

Economist and author Robert Reich urges Americans to get beyond our outrage about the growing concentration of wealth and corrupt politics so that we can mobilize and take back our economy and our democracy. Beyond Outrage will educate us about the threats to a just economy and a working democracy. At the same time, our small group work will equip us to find new ways of making a difference towards increasing justice in our own lives, families, communities, and world.

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Charlie Rahilly

Charlie Rahilly, Rector’s Forum, Jan. 26, 10:15

If you’d like a better understanding of the crisis in our economy, please join us in the 10:15 AM Rector’s Forum this Sunday, January 26 as we welcome Charlie Rahilly, former Senior Warden and President/CEO of eXcorda, LLC.

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Jazz Vespers: Janis Mann, Sun. Jan. 19, 5 PM

“A first class jazz singer!” Scott Yanow, jazz critic and author, proclaims. At once both a striking song stylist and a fearless improviser, Janis Mann is that rare artist who can sweep you away with her captivating sound. She is a true jazz singer in the manner of Carmen McRae, Betty Carter, and Shirley Horn, yet with a sound all her own.

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Nat Read, Rector’s Forum, Jan. 19, 10:15

“Martin Luther King, Jr., A White Conservative’s Hero”

Pasadena author Nat Read grew up as a conservative in a Southern state. In the 1960 presidential election, he voted for Richard Nixon over John F. Kennedy. Yet he became totally committed to the Civil Rights movement and marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. In a multi-media presentation Read honors Dr. King’s heroic place in our country’s history in a continuing struggle for the rights of all people.

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COLORS Annual MLK Brunch, Sun. Jan. 19

The COLORS Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. brunch will be held Sun. Jan. 19 from 12:45–3:30 p.m. in the Forum.

We will screen a new documentary about the criminal justice system: Broken on All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration, and New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S. This film focuses on the concepts presented in Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow regarding the racism which has poisoned the system at all levels.

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