GALAS Thursday Book Group: “Lectio Divina”

Starts Thursday, May 8, 7:30 PM – 9 PM

Location: Deb & Judy’s in Duarte

In place of a book, we have chosen Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina (divine reading) is a traditional practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer. Traditionally, Lectio Divina has 4 separate steps: readmeditatepray and contemplate. First a passage of Scripture is read and then its meaning is reflected upon; this is followed by prayer and contemplation.

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“But the Bible Says…” : Liberating Ourselves from the Bible as a Weapon of Exclusion

leviticusSunday, May 25, 2014
2:30pm to 4pm @ All Saints Pasadena, Guild Room

We owe the precious gift of the scriptures that are our heritage as Christian people too much to allow them to be hijacked and used as weapons of oppression rather than as means of grace.  And it has perhaps never been more important for us to know our story in order to both claim it and to proclaim it.

Susan Russell leads a presentation and discussion of the Bible in general — and the “clobber passages” in specific — designed to equip you to respond to the “But the Bible Says …” folks with love, compassion and information.

GALAS Discussion Group: “Embracing All of Me”

“Embracing All of Me: Affirming and Integrating My Spirituality and Sexuality”

Starts Thursday, May 15th (7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.)
Runs through July 17 (10 weeks)

This GALAS discussion group deals with issues surrounding acceptance and the life-long process of coming out. Each week, topics which lend themselves to the sharing of personal stories, struggles, and successes in living out your life as LGBTQ man or woman will be discussed. These discussion groups will have something to offer regardless of where you find yourself on the road to acceptance and integration of your spirituality with your sexuality. This 10-week group will be a closed group, with no new admittances beyond the start date and only a limited number of spaces available.

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Jon Dephouse

Jon Dephouse: “Love’s Imaginarium”

Jon Dephouse preaches on Sunday, April 27:

“Within Love’s Imaginarium, the indomitable Spirit of life that connects all things is set free for goodness in the world by transcending wounds through including them. In this complex world that we live in, may this Easter reality give us hope to live anew, no matter the challenges and darkness we may face.”

Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon Workshop at Omega Institute, July 13-18

Rhinebeck, NY

Ed Bacon offers this special retreat based on his book 8 Habits of Love: Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind to show us how we can reconnect to the sacred and tap its riches to become less fearful and more fully alive.

Throughout the week, through talks and experiential exercises, we explore each of Rev. Bacon’s eight habits of love: generosity, stillness, truth, candor, play, forgiveness, compassion, and community.

“Every human being is wired to be loving, accepting, compassionate, forgiving, caring, playful, courageous, and imaginative,” Rev. Bacon writes. “But life often gets in the way. Chronic fear overshadows each of our more loving human traits, making us reactive and close-minded while doing enormous damage to our physical selves.”

For more details, and to register, visit the Omega Institute Web site.

Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon: “Recognizing Life!”

Ed Bacon preaches on Easter Sunday, April 20:

“Grace is going on in everyone, everyone no matter how much you disagree with them or how unattractive to you they are. And God this Easter is asking you to be a minister of the Resurrection, a preacher of the Resurrection in their life.”


Holy Week Events at ASC

Good Friday, March 18

Three-hour service:

Noon to 3 p.m. (Church). This service commemorating the passion and death of Jesus is a major moment in Holy Week. The rector and members of the clergy staff offer five meditations on the meaning of the crucifixion in our own time. Each meditation is part of a fabric of worship and reflection that includes hymns, scripture, prayers and silence. Canterbury and Coventry choirs offer spirituals and music of Ireland, Stainer, Duruflé, Connor, Beach, Greene, Britten, Bach and Hogan. Parking is available at Plaza Las Fuentes. Signs and parking attendants will direct you.

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Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon: “Detached from Personal Salvation Projects”

Ed Bacon preaching on Palm Sunday on “Detached from Personal Salvation Projects”:

“The issue is whether we will be priests of violence and injustice, or whether we will be those who love the greater love and thus lay down our lives–detach from our salvation projects and refuse to hate.”

Zelda Kennedy

Zelda Kennedy: “God’s Reconciling Love”

Zelda Kennedy preaching on Sunday, April 6:

“You really do have a choice. You can continue to live in the valley of the dry bones, or stay in the tomb, or you can see the hip bone connected with the thigh bone, and the thigh bone connected to the knee bone, as you listen to and hear the word of the Lord. And you can slowly unwrap from that which binds you, and live. It is our choice. Which will you choose?”