John Muir, Naturalist and Mystic

Sunday, April 24

John Muir not only influenced the creation of America’s National Park system, founded the Sierra Club and helped move the environmental movement into the mainstream. John Muir was also a natural mystical theologian.

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Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon to Preach at Islamic Center of Southern California

Sunday, April 17

“Interfaith Peacemaking in a Time of Hate” is the title of the sermon Ed Bacon will preach at the Islamic Center of Southern California at noon on Sunday, April 17. “A significant part of my continuing education in my twenty-one years as Rector of All Saints Church has come from my friendship with Muslim sages who taught me about Islam as a religion of justice and peace.  I am truly a better Christian and a better human being because of what I have learned from these Islamic scholars.”

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Reweaving the Fabric of Our Society

Policy for the 100%

Sunday, June 5

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS is a driving force for programs and policies that support faith, family, and fairness. Rooted in a deep spirituality of compassion and service, Sister Simone is part of the forty year old organization NETWORK — a nationwide movement united by a belief in the Gospel call for justice as exemplified in the Catholic social justice tradition. We are truly thrilled to welcome her to the Forum this Sunday to present “Reweaving the Fabric of Our Society: Policy for the 100%.”

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Hearts & Hands: Creating Community in Violent Times

Sunday, May 29

We welcome to the Rector’s Forum Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodríguez to address a new imagination for healthy and thriving communities, centered on the arts, based on years of experience working with gangs, youth, the homeless, prisoners, artists, writers, and more.

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Putting Our Faith Into Action WORKS!

On Sunday, April 10 our “Faith in Action” action on the lawn was signing letters to the California Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee supporting a bill that provides a bonus to developers who build housing that sets aside 10% for transitional foster youth.

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American Guild of Organists Service at All Saints

Monday, May 16

Coventry Choir will lead a service of readings and music for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Guild of Organists (A.G.O.) on Monday, May 16 at 8:00 p.m. All Saints is honored once again by the invitation of a professional music organization to lead one of their meetings.

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A Celebration of Life

A celebration of the life of Rabbi Leonard I. Beerman (1921-2014) at All Saints Church, Pasadena, on Monday, April 11, 2016.

“You don’t have to be flawless to be perfect.” ~ Rabbi Leonard Beerman.

Defined By Love, Not By Fear

Sharon Brous in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, April 10, 2016:

“I want for us to live from a place of courage and a place of hope and possibility — and not be defined by fear, but be defined by love.”

“God Is Not a Christian”

Ed Bacon on Sunday, April 10, 2016:

“However God’s spotlight shows up in your calendar, let God’s spotlight wake you up, and show you how to shepherd the holiness within you, and with every human being you meet. Particularly of those of another faith, or of no faith.”