Sally Howard

Sally Howard: “Daring to Trust Love at the Center”

Sally Howard preaching on Sunday, Sept. 7:

“Jesus describes a process for handling conflict. Talk, be honest about your experience and perspective; be vulnerable and work toward reconciliation. Get others to help you dialogue, if you can’t do it alone.”

Jon Dephouse: “Conspire 2014 — Dangerous Christianity”

ConspireLast week Zelda Kennedy, Hope Hendricks-Bacon, Ed Bacon and I attended the Conspire conference in New Mexico, featuring Richard Rohr, Rob Bell and Ilia Delio. We have all heard of the category, “spiritual but not religious,” but these three dynamic thinkers in Christianity say we are in the midst of an evolutionary moment in religious thinking.

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Janine Schenone

Janine Schenone: “Why Food Is God”

I recently saw the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey, a multicultural mélange that celebrates the mystical power of food and cooking. Like a fine meal, the movie was delightful and inspiring, and yet I was on the verge of tears throughout the movie. I couldn’t figure out at first why I was so verklempt.

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ASC Logo

Action Table, Sun., Sept. 7: Human Rights at Home, and in Iraq

Each week we put our faith into action.

This week, we are writing a letter to President Obama about the escalating human rights abuses taking place in Iraq, calling on him to use his authority to ensure our active cooperation with the United Nations, and other appropriate international channels, to exhaust all possible nonviolent, diplomatic, and political interventions in bringing about a resolution to the crisis in Iraq.

Join us this also as we speak out for peace with justice at home and abroad. We will answer the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s call and join their #ISpeakOutBecause campaign this Sunday at the Action Table — you will have an opportunity to voice your conscience on human rights on a piece of paper, and with your permission we’ll post it to social media!

Please visit the Action Table on Sunday for more details, or contact Francisco Garcia at (626) 583-2766.

Susan Russell

Susan Russell: “Who Would Jesus Picket?”

Susan Russell in the Huffington Post:

The announcement that the Dallas Cowboys had signed defensive end Michael Sam onto their practice squad meant it was party time for everyone hoping to see the first “out” player in the NFL get his shot — and protest time for wing-nut Christians.

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Susan Russell

Susan Russell: “#WeSpeakOutBecause”

Susan Russell preaching on Sunday, August 31:

“We speak out because our true religion is the truth that nothing but love will find us home.”

Children and Youth Choir Program

Choir Signup

Kyla McCarrel and Lora McManus

I joined the All Saints Youth Choirs when I was four years old and attended fourteen years of weekly rehearsals and early Sunday morning services. This program was my first introduction to the world of classical choral music, and I know that without it, I would not be where I am today. I will be starting my senior year at Chapman University this fall, with a double major in Music Education and Vocal Performance.

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All Saints Church Back to School Drive for PUSD Homeless Children & Youth

For the past years, the All Saints community has rallied support for the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Families in Transition program serving homeless and transitional students and their families in PUSD by connecting them to services in the com­munity and providing items of immedi­ate basic needs such as food, clothing, transportation assistance, and supplies.

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