“Getting Lost to Find Your Way”

Sally Howard on Sunday, June 16, 2016:

“Jesus was determined to dismantle all that stands against love. Nothing can contain this unbridled spirit of love — and the empire powers feel its threat.”


SPEAK OUT: Enough is Enough

Wednesday, June 29

Last week, All Saints applauded the witness of those who staged a sit-in on the House Floor and demanded that Speaker Paul Ryan allow for common sense gun control legislation to get a vote. Wednesday, June 29 has now been declared a National Day of Action on Gun Violence — and All Saints is honored to be the venue for SPEAK OUT: Enough is Enough — hosted by Congresswoman Judy Chu.

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Summer Fun at All Saints Church

Summer is a time to take a break from our usual routine; a time for renewal of body, mind and spirit.  Summer is also a great time to try new ways of being in community with each other! With that in mind, here’s a list of Summer Fun events to add to your calendar. Friends from All Saints will be on the lookout to welcome you to any and all of these events.

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The Supreme Court and Immigration Relief Programs: The Future of Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S.

Sunday, June 26

The June 23rd split decision by the Supreme Court — failing to act on President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and leaving in place a lower court ruling pending further litigation — once again highlights the desperate need for comprehensive immigration reform in our nation. And there is no one better to unpack the implications of today’s ruling – along with the wider issues of immigration reform – than our Forum speaker this Sunday: MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund) President and General Counsel Thomas A. Saenz.

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capitol hill

All Saints Applauds #GoodTrouble on Capitol Hill

All Saints Church in Pasadena applauds the actions of those sitting in on the floor of Congress today to protest the lack of congressional action on sensible legislation to address the scourge of gun violence in our nation. We salute Representative John Lewis for refusing to let the critical work of sensible gun legislation be hijacked by partisan politics and leading his colleagues into the “good trouble” of sitting down in order to stand up for congressional action. And we recommit the energy of All Saints Church and the work of our Gun Violence Prevention Task Force to both pray and act to end gun violence in our nation.

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salam all saints

Salam Al-Marayati: Bridging Muslim & LGBT Communities in the Wake of Orlando

Sunday, July 3

“We are your shield. The Muslim community stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the LGBTQ community. We are one, we are all part of one humanity, and we will defend each other — we will work together.” Salam Al-Marayati — President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council — spoke these words at the Interfaith Vigil on the steps of the Islamic Center of Southern California on June 13th — the day after he tragic shootings in Orlando.

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Who and How?

Understanding the Plague of Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Huey Merchant and Jack Scott in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, June 19, 2016:

“This is a public health problem. Can you imagine if over 30,000 deaths were occurring every year for some other cause that we wouldn’t do something about it? Suppose there were an airplane crash every day that took 88 lives. Would we simply shrug our shoulders and say that we can’t do anything about it?

A Litany in the Wake of Gun Violence

Zelda Kennedy on Sunday, June 19, 2016:
“Surround us with your love as we face not only the ongoing challenge and tragedy of gun violence, but the fresh grief of the tragic shooting in Orlando.”

“No Longer”

Susan Russell on Sunday, June 19, 2016:

“Casting out the demons of gunphilia and homophobia from the Body of Christ and the Body Politic.”


Why we ASK

It shouldn’t be so hard. I mean, I know her after all. We are friends. Our kids are friends … she feels like family. Yet, I struggle to muster up the courage to ask a simple question. I wonder if the question will damage our relationship. Will it seem as though I don’t trust her? Will I deeply offend her? Will it change things? What if the answer isn’t something I’m prepared to hear … then what will I do? Can we stay friends?

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