Hearts & Hands

Creating Community in Violent Times

Luis J. Rodriguez in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, May 29, 2016:

“Why don’t we have a diversity in ideas? The voices are either right wing or liberal. That’s the only way we think? This country’s very diverse, we have a lot of spectrum. I know a lot of conservatives who have good ideas, and, of course, I know a lot of liberals who have good ideas, but the point is we don’t know how to speak to each other anymore.”

“When a Foreigner Comes”

Susan Russell on Sunday, May 29, 2016:

“We are called to the place where respecting the dignity of every human being is not just a promise we make but a practice we live.”

wear orange

#AllSaintsWearsOrange | National Gun Violence Awareness Day

All Saints Church commends the City of Pasadena for commemorating National Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 2. On this day we will join millions of Americans in committing to end gun violence in America. And we will wear orange – symbolizing the value of human life.

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Winning the Battle Against Religion-Based Bigotry

Jenny Pizer in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, May 22, 2016:

“One vision is that religious liberty should come first and everything else should give way. To others, Church and State are supposed to be separate and it’s essential that they be separate for the good of both… These are two competing visions. Is there one that’s right and another that’s wrong? Well, actually, no — they have to live together. And they do live together if we do our work well.”

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Spring Concert: Canterbury & Coventry Choirs

One Generation to Another
Sunday, June 5

Canterbury and Coventry Choirs, directed by James Walker and Weicheng Zhao will offer music of Gwyneth Walker, David Montoya, Moses Hogan, Daniel Pinkham, Ralph Vaughan Williams and more.

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Sunday, June 26

A dance-theater work about family-making inspired by lesbian moms, gay dads and LGBTQ parents

In her fifth project exploring family, Christine Suarez conducted interviews with lesbian moms and gay dads. The stories are intimate and engage both the profound and the mundane. They unfold with compassion, humor, grit and honesty.

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Watts Towers

A Transformational Journey
Saturday, June 11

A native of Serino, Italy, Sabato “Simon” Rodia was born in 1879. He arrived in the U.S. around 1894, and made his way to Watts, CA in 1921. The Watts Towers, his masterpiece and the world’s largest single construction created by one individual, was his obsession for 33 years. He called it “Nuestro Pueblo,” or “Our Town.”

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Where Everything Is Holy

From the meditation given at Jazz Vespers on Sunday, May 15:

I have ceased distinguishing
between the religious and the secular,
for everything is holy:

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we are all saints2

We Are All Saints!

All Saints is a place of radical welcome for everyone in our community – and we especially want to extend that welcome to our next Rector. During the next 6 weeks, every member of the All Saints community is encouraged to participate in the We Are All Saints campaign to help make our new Rector’s transition a bit easier.

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kids jumping

Children’s & Youth Choirs Spring Concert

May 22, 2016

by Jenny Tisi

Every summer, I sit for countless hours at my computer and chose repertoire for the following season. While I listen, I try to keep my mind open for a theme for spring concert, all while concentrating on worship service literature. 

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