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Good Friday: Stations of the Cross

This year during Lent, the children in our Children’s Chapel during the 9:00, 11:15 & 1:00 services worked with All Saints staffers Kelly Phelan and Isaac Ruelas to create this set of Stations of the Cross. The stations — on canvas in permanent marker and watercolor — were displayed in the church during the Vigil from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday.

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Lenten Meditations: Wednesday in Holy Week

The moment has arrived, Tomorrow we will begin what is known as the Triduum, the three days that stand at the heart of the Easter season, days of intense immersion in the fundamental mystery of what it is to be Christian.

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An Invitation to Sacred Resistance from the Rector

Thursday, April 13

On Maundy Thursday, soldiers met Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane to arrest him. He had become a threat to a state that oppressed the most vulnerable and ruled over them with fear. What was threatening about him was love. Love that refused to back down in the face of fear. Love that refused to back down in the face of militaristic oppression.

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An Interfaith Day of Prophetic Action

Thursday, April 13

Members of the All Saints community — including our rector Mike Kinman — will join with faith, community, immigrant and civil rights, worker and labor leaders on Passover and Maundy Thursday for a gathering of sacred resistance to tell ICE to stop tearing families apart!

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Lenten Meditations: Tuesday in Holy Week

Living a both/and life in an either/or world
by Susan Russell

“No good deed goes unpunished” is an old axiom that comes to my mind every year when we hear the gospel story that begins our readings for Holy Week – the story of Mary’s extravagant outpouring of precious perfume as a gift to Jesus — a gift that earned her a tongue lashing from Judas in John’s account of a story told in three out of four gospels. Mark says, “They were infuriated with her.” Matthew says, “They murmured against her.” No matter who told the story, this part was consistent: Mary’s, best offering was judged and rejected by those surrounding Jesus who thought she should have made a different choice.

And then Jesus intervened.

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Gnaw on This: Easter Sunday

by Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Church, Pasadena

The gospel isn’t meant to be gulped down on Sunday morning, but gnawed on through the week so it really becomes a part of us. You’ve got to work at it, like a dog with a good bone! Here’s the Gospel for this coming Sunday —Easter Sunday— with some notes and more “food for thought” on Easter morning as a funeral. A funeral for fear. Death has been defeated … it need not be feared again. And that means the possibilities for our lives are endless. Gnaw away!

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Lenten Meditations: Monday in Holy Week

A meditation for Monday in Holy Week by Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Church.

Mary brought a pound of costly ointment, pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus, wiping them with her hair. (John 12:3)

If there was ever a passage of scripture that should be read slowly, savoring each word, letting the images it evokes fully come to life … it is this one from the Gospel assigned to Monday in Holy Week.

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Lay Eucharistic Visitors: Who are they and what do they do?

by Judith Fischer and Carolyn Garner-Reagan,
Co-Facilitators, Lay Visitation Ministry

“The body of Christ, the bread of heaven. The blood of Christ, the cup of salvation.” These are the familiar phrases heard as people receive the bread and wine during communion in church. These sacred phrases can also be heard and the bread and wine received, even when you or someone you know cannot attend church.

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Lenten Meditation: Day Thirty-Four


Do you have any idea what our brand is?

Levi. Coca-Cola. Ford

These are a few of the brands that built the United States. Each one of them was established with its basic product before 1925. Each one is still totally recognizable ninety-two years later. The term “brand” originally derived from the stamping or marking of cattle or sheep for identification purposes.

Believe me, I have no desire to be visibly stamped or marked like sheep. However, I’m painfully aware that I have both a brand and have been branded as a follower of Jesus and as a child of the resurrection.  

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The Rector Reflects on Holy Week

“Grace transforms our failings full of dread into abundant, endless comfort … our failings full of shame into a noble, glorious rising … our dying full of sorrow into holy, blissful life. …. Just as our contrariness here on earth brings us pain, shame and sorrow, so grace brings us surpassing comfort, glory, and bliss in heaven … And that shall be a property of blessed love, that we shall know in God, which we might never have known without first experiencing woe.” – Julian of Norwich

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