Shakespeare on the Problems and Promises of Succession

Gary Hall in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, July 31, 2016:

“Shakespeare and succession… Right now in our culture we’re going through a major thing about succession in our national government. We’re going to have a different President in January 2017. This parish is going through a succession. We’re in the transition between rectors. And remember ‘Rector’ is from the Latin ‘Rex,’ which means ‘king’…”

“Eat, Drink and Be Merry”

Gary Hall on Sunday, July 31, 2016:

“Jesus taught that the way out of anxiety is not hoarding but sharing. Authentic security rests knowing that the world is God’s and not ours — and in accepting both our personal fragility and our cosmic anxiety.”


Interrupting the Culture of Violence


“All Saints Church is the place we come to speak the truth that will overcome the lie that we cannot make a difference.”

As a peace and justice church, opposing violence in all its forms has been part of the DNA of All Saints Church for generations. Our history is a tapestry of standing up and speaking out as a beacon of God’s love, justice and compassion in many dark moments in our nation’s history – from the deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II to the profiling of Muslim Americans since 9/11 and so many other times and places along the way.

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Grammy Winner and 2013 Nominee, Mariachi Divas

Mariachi Divas Come to Pasadena!

Saturday, September 3

Mariachi Divas the Grammy-winning all female mariachi ensemble will perform at Levitt Pavilion, Memorial Park, Pasadena. Bring a picnic, your friends and your neighbors and join up with other All Saints members for a night of music and community!

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hindu temple

Transformational Journey: BAPS Hindu Temple

Saturday, August 27

Join us as we tour the BAPS Hindu Temple (Mandir) and conference center. After our tour we will attend the Arti or morning prayer service. Our guide will give us an overview of basic Hindu spirituality and beliefs. We will also tour the lovely grounds, learning how this temple was built.

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#Black Lives Matter: The Documentary

presented by Conscientious Projector and COLORS

The Black Lives Matter movement is a truly modern civil rights movement. With no clear leader, the movement is harnessing the power of direct protest and social media to raise awareness of the plight of black communities. “We all bear the responsibility,”explains educator/activist Melina Abdullah. “Black Lives Matter is a rallying cry, to affirm that black people matter and to demand change.”

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Meditation for July Jazz Vespers

“What we are doing here tonight, enjoying the beauty of this music, is an act of political warfare. If we are going to heal this planet, reconcile grievances, repair harm done in the past and the present, we have to have beauty and joy in our lives.”

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#StopTheHate: Next Steps

On Sunday, July 10th All Saints Church gathered for a truly extraordinary day of witness — living out our continued commitment to dismantling the interlocking oppressions of systemic racism and the culture of gun violence. In our praying, marching and preaching — in our singing and in our silence — we came together in order to move forward into a better future.

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Keeping the Momentum Going

by Jason Lyon

I have never been prouder of All Saints Church than I was yesterday. Led by our amazing young people, over 600 members of our community gathered together in a prophetic and prayerful response to the tragic events in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas.

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