“You Can’t Kill Compassion”

Susan Russell on Good Friday, March 25, 2016:

“The same Domination System which conspired to kill Jesus on Good Friday is still conspiring to co-opt the Christian narrative intended to overcome it.”


“Grounded in Kindness”

Sally Howard on Good Friday, March 25, 2016:

“Jesus replaced the politics of restricted kindness with the politics of unrestricted compassion.”

“Put Your Sword Away”

Zelda Kennedy on Good Friday, March 25, 2016:

“What sword must you put away? What negative feelings are forcing you not to be God’s presence in this world?”

On Practicing Radical Compassion

Richard Rohr in the Rector’s Forum on Sunday, April 8, 2016:

“Christianity was meant to be a cosmic message, not a tribal message.”

“Resurrection: Not a One-Time Miracle”

Richard Rohr on Sunday, April 3, 2016:

“The Resurrection is not a one-time miracle but the revelation of how reality works: that nothing truly dies.”

asc and city hall

The Next Chapter Begins: An Update from our Senior Warden

by Jason Lyon

What an exciting time to be a member of All Saints Church!  As we bid a fond and bittersweet farewell to our beloved Rector of 21 years, Ed Bacon, the Rector Search Committee continues its prayerful, diligent discernment with the final candidates for the call to be our next Rector. On behalf of the vestry and search committee, I invite your prayers for this important and holy work as we wait together for the decision and announcement we hope will come very soon.

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Featured Ministry: Economic Justice & Nonviolence

by Rosemary Sova

A few years ago I had a life-threatening medical crisis. Afterward, I was healed in body, but sick in spirit. I had previously put my life as a lawyer behind me in disillusionment. Although I had never forgotten my cradle faith in God, I wondered whether God had forgotten me. Now I was weak and lost, wondering why I was even alive.

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ecuador earthquake

When Disaster Strikes

Our hearts are breaking at the news reports of the devastating earthquake in Ecuador and the historic flooding in Texas. Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is already on the ground in both areas providing direct relief — and will be there to provide post-disaster development aid.

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John Muir, Naturalist and Mystic

Sunday, April 24

John Muir not only influenced the creation of America’s National Park system, founded the Sierra Club and helped move the environmental movement into the mainstream. John Muir was also a natural mystical theologian.

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Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon to Preach at Islamic Center of Southern California

Sunday, April 17

“Interfaith Peacemaking in a Time of Hate” is the title of the sermon Ed Bacon will preach at the Islamic Center of Southern California at noon on Sunday, April 17. “A significant part of my continuing education in my twenty-one years as Rector of All Saints Church has come from my friendship with Muslim sages who taught me about Islam as a religion of justice and peace.  I am truly a better Christian and a better human being because of what I have learned from these Islamic scholars.”

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Reweaving the Fabric of Our Society: Policy for the 100%

Sunday, June 5

Sister Simone, SSS is a galvanizing force for progressives of all stripes and a driving force for programs and policies that support faith, family, and fairness. Rooted in a deep spirituality of compassion and service, Sister Simone gives voice to the hunger, isolation, and fear that afflicts so many and is true hero in the faith based social justice movement.

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