Ed Bacon

Ed Bacon: Response to the Anglican Primates “Sanctioning” the Episcopal Church

It is not news that many chief bishops in the global Anglican Communion harbor great offense at the Episcopal Church’s prayerful journey to full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in all the church’s sacraments, especially marriage. What is news is that those bishops have taken that offense to a new institutional level by voting at their meeting this week to “sanction” the Episcopal Church by excluding its members from serving in a number of governance positions for the next three years.

For those who have historically been marginalized, oppressed and excluded by the institutional church these actions are both hurtful and harmful. They quite literally wound the Body of Christ by wounding its LGBTQ members and I believe they grieve the heart of God.

Those of us who have worked and prayed for the realization of the vision of an Episcopal Church where there would be “no outcasts” will continue with increased commitment and energy thanking God for the graces coming from marriages of same-gender couples.

Even though Episcopalians now are not allowed to be official voting representatives in the Anglican institution, we will persevere in expressing the heart of the Anglican witness of not having theological litmus tests and uniformity, preferring instead to have many ways of thinking and practice, united in One Heart in prayer.

We trust that in time, the institution will join God’s Movement of Love – Love which is Difference interconnected in Wholeness. That’s what “the Mind of Christ” means. We give thanks for the powerful and prophetic witness of our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry as he incarnates that love in both his words and actions.

At All Saints Church we will continue in our decades long commitment to welcome all, bless all, and challenge all to live up to the high calling of being beacons of God’s love, justice and compassion in the world. And we will continue to stand with those on the margins of the institutional church as we stand firmly in the center of God’s Movement of Love.

Ed Bacon is the Rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena CA

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Phyllis K Byajian

I joined All Saints Church in Pasadena, California, not because it was part of the Anglican Communion but because of the major way that church follows the words of Jesus in welcoming and helping all people and the wonderful witness to God’s love that it is in Southern California.

george inotowok

Thank you.

This queer Episcopalian is very angry. Too angry to think and be reasonable. I want to go to Canterbury with whips and flip over tables.

And they do this in the name of “unity”. The Orwellian type speech. Whenever there is so much obfuscation, there is something bad at work.

Gareth Lloyd

Thank you for this. Prophetic words, these, gracious and loving. I am humbled that you don’t give up on anyone, not even the pharisaic tendency in world Anglicanism! God bless your ministry.
Gareth (priest in the Church of England)

John B. Chilton

Not allowed to vote would be a governance violation. The Primates have no authority to require anything except among their own body. Nor do the bodies themselves have the ability to carry out the directive, no?

    Robert E. Stiefel

    John Chilton: You are correct. The Meeting of Primates had/has no authority to require any of the member Churches of the Anglican Communion to do or not to do anything. If TEC chooses to observe any of the “suspensions” it is the choice of TEC to do so and not a matter of compliance. I see no need to buy into such ecclesial public relations nonsense, although the Task Force the Primates called for may find that the bishop-sanctioned killing of LGBT folk and the jailing of their families in Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and several other African nations needs to be discussed openly and thoroughly. We have a profoundly faithful and articulate new Presiding Bishop and I will greatest weight to his current and forthcoming statements. As always, I give thanks for the gift of All Saints and Ed Bacon to our Church nation-wide.

Wonderful article by Fr. Bacon and good comments. It goes to show once more how much more advantageous (and perhaps Christ-like) it is to not adhere to mega churches and institutionalized Christianity – both of which Jesus not only never advocated, but actually opposed.

Mar Melchizedek, SCST

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