Rake 09-21-14

Holy Rakers

Janet Jack

I have been privileged over my lifetime to do a lot of traveling. I love exploring other sights but when it comes to my very favorite places that bring me comfort, joy, and  peace, there are two that top the list by far. Of course, one is my Burbank home and garden, the second is All Saints Church.

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Lay Counseling

John Hyde

My Lay Counseling experience began at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church in 1973. I had moved from New York to Los Angeles just when there was a downturn in the economy. I left a good job in New York City and could not find comparable employment in LA. I was lonely and depressed when someone invited me to try counseling at their church. Unlike well meaning friends, my counselor Thea did not give advice — and the counselor/client relationship was strictly confidential.

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Mel Soriano

Taizé services have meant so much to many of us here at All Saints Pasadena. It amazes me that we get to worship together weekly instead of just periodically like at other places.

I first came across Taizé and found that the music was engaging and easy to learn. At first, I found the silent meditation in a group setting to be difficult (I get antsy) but I’ve learned to enjoy the community prayer.

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Lay Visitation


Ken VanDerHorst

Over the past 10 years, as  a care giver at All Saints I have had the joy and honor of experiencing moments of the power of love; the power of God – that feeling of profound soulfulness.

And there are those moments when the time and place and circumstance come together in a perfect storm of soulfulness that stand out and have become a part of my DNA. As I listen to my heart they are the moments that spark my passion for this work. I know the same is true for each and every one of my colleagues in the All Saints Lay Visitation Ministry.

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Kate and Charles Barker

Stories of Generosity: Kate & Charles

Kate and Charles Barker

Growing up on opposite coasts we could not have imagined we would meet, marry, make our home, raise our own family, and have our careers here in Pasadena. But this is our story.

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Stories of Generosity: Mark & Nicole

Mark Moreno and Nicole Gatto

When Nicole’s and Mark’s paths came together four years ago, they shared a lot in common. They had studied at the same university, had lived in the same neighborhoods and had even gone to the same church where they had sat in the same pews but not known each other. When they did meet, they talked about wanting to develop the spiritual side of their relationship and begin their faith journey together.

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Shelley Lei

Stories of Generosity: Shelley

I found All Saints through Yelp.

My mother grew up in a very strict sect of the Seventh Day Adventists. Because of this, she shied away from church life after she left home to go to college. My father, born in China, grew up Buddhist. Until I was six, we were semi-regular practicing Buddhists. After we moved away from the nearest temple, we stopped practicing and I grew up in a secular household. We discussed the philosophy of and debated the merits of various religions, but did not actively have faith in any one religion.

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Matthew Berkley

Stories of Generosity: Matthew

All Saints has been the one constant in my life.

When my mother Pat Kelly, asked me to attend a new church in Pasadena with her, I was reluctant. Ten years earlier the church I grew up in had rejected my being gay, and I was not ready to allow religion back in my life. She said, “They have really great music at All Saints,” something she knew I would appreciate. After several weeks of her cajoling me to attend with her, I acquiesced to her request. It was All Saints Sunday, 1990.

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Cathy Clement: The Joy of Ushering

Cathy Clement

At the north door recently I met a couple from Santa Monica who hadn’t been at All Saints since Christmas. They had just taken advantage of their home state of Minnesota’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage and knew we’d share their joy. In the midst of meeting them a former colleague of mine from Five Acres greeted me saying she’d moved back to the area and was living in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, it had taken her more than two hours by the metro line to join us.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. I introduced her to the couple, she gave them her card, and hopefully, they’ll carpool and we’ll see them again soon.

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Inside the Altar Guild

Gerti Reagan GarnerGerti Reagan Garner

I love setting the table for dinner parties and holiday meals. It’s satisfying to make the table inviting and attractive. As a member of the Altar Guild I have the privilege of doing that for the most significant meal we share, the Eucharist.

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Inclusive Families; Inclusive Sunday School

Derek WanDerek Wan

When my husband and I looked for a church community to participate in, it was important to us that fostered inclusive families and engaging activities for children and youth. While we are not yet parents (we have been in the adoption process for two years), we found that the Children, Youth & Families initiative is a strong ministry made up of recurring volunteers. When Laura Thornton shared her story and needs at our New Member Class, I knew immediately that I was going to work with her. I sought her out at the next Sunday service and began shadowing volunteers at Children’s Chapel. From there, I spent more than a year observing and leading in that ministry.

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My Journey at All Saints

Jim AlbaranoJim Albarano

When my husband and I first found All Saints, we immediately wanted to take the New Members Class. But then life got busy! We had to miss our first chance, but thankfully it’s offered a few times throughout the year and were able to sign up in the fall. I loved the first part of the class, where the clergy members introduce themselves and tell their story, but I was a little nervous about the small group hour afterward. Meeting new people can intimate me, but luckily I had an amazing group leader. Edna helped guide our group and made everyone feel comfortable. It felt amazing to chat with a group of people on similar (and not so similar) journeys and find connections and common ground. Over the eight weeks our group really bonded and we became friends — and we continue to get together to this day!

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