Valerie Batts

Dismantling Racism: Valerie Batts, Oct. 20 & 21

Rector’s Forum, Sunday, October 20, 10:15 AM
Special Forum, Monday, October 21, 7 PM – 9 PM

Dr. Valerie Batts is a nationally recognized expert on issues of race and ethnicity. Author of Modern Racism: New Melody for the Same Old Tune, Dr. Batts has written extensively on modern racism and multicultural organizational change strategies. She is the originator of the VISIONS training model and experiential workshops for anti-discrimination and reconciliation training.

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Rt. Rev. Armando Guerra

ASC Welcomes The Rt. Rev. Armando Guerra

On Sunday, October 6, All Saints Church was honored to welcome The Rt. Rev. Armando Guerra, Bishop of Guatemala and Primate (Presiding Bishop) of the Anglican Region of Central America. Bishop Guerra is also the father of All Saints staffer Norma Guerra Sigmund, pictured here Francisco Garcia and Janine Schenone.

More on the 1pm Spanish language service here.


Pablove Foundation & Pediatric Cancer, Sunday 10/13

On Sunday 10/13, the Rector’s Forum will bring us “500 Miles on a Bike — for Love,” with Jeff Castelaz — founder of the Pablove Foundation — and ASC staff member Jon Dephouse.  They will discuss pediatric cancer and the 500 mile long fundraising bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles known as the Pavlove Ride.

You can learn more about this event and add your support by going here.

More about Jeff Castelaz.

More about Jon Dephouse.


Watch: Laurie Brand, “Whatever happened to the Arab Spring?”

Professor Laurie Brand, speaking at ASC on Sunday, 10/6.

Since spring  2011 the Middle East region has witnessed a range of dramatic uprisings against long-entrenched authoritarian leaderships.  The paths they have taken, however, have continued to surprise and perplex even the most seasoned experts.  Join Prof. Laurie Brand for a discussion of where things stand today, particularly in Syria and Egypt, and what should be of greatest concern to those concerned with peace and justice in the region.

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Ideas to Explore

Here are some ideas you might want to explore, related to discussions at All Saints Church:

In his September 29th sermon, “Be Different, Not Indifferent,” Ed Bacon made reference to a TED Talk by Jeremy Rifkin. Here is the streaming video link to that talk.

H. Adam Ackley will be visiting the ASC Rector’s Forum in November. You will find this recent column by this transgendered professor of theology good preparation.

A Vatican cardinal recently noted that Jesus, who tended to be brief, was… well… tweeting. Sort of. Here is the story from The Atlantic.

Malalai Joya

Malalai Joya, 10/19, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

An Afghan woman speaks out on her war-torn nation.

Join us for an evening of conversation at All Saints Church with one of Afghanistan’s most famous and bravest women: Malalai Joya, former member of Afghanistan’s Parliament and author of A Woman Among Warlords.

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Margot Bennett

Community Strategies for Gun Violence Prevention, 9/29 Rector’s Forum

Last Sunday, President Barack Obama made this impassioned plea for Americans to overcome their “creeping resignation” about gun violence and demand tougher gun laws. “Our words and our prayers are not enough. If we really want to be a country where we can go to work, and go to school, and walk our streets free from senseless violence, without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, then we’re going to have to change.”

This Sunday, 9/29, the All Saints Church Rector’s Forum will focus on the ways in which the Church can participate in this change over the coming year. We will hear from three passionate leaders in the grassroots movement to end gun violence: Virginia Classick — Vestry member and President of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Brady Campaign; Margot Bennett — Executive Director of Women Against Gun Violence and Loren Leib — noted epidemiologist and violence prevention activist.

Gene Robinson

Gene Robinson: “God Loves Chutzpah”

During his visit to ASC, Gene Robinson offered a sermon that was both funny and profound. “Jesus doesn’t need any more admirers,” the Bishop said. “He needs disciples willing to get into some Gospel trouble on God’s behalf.”