hindu temple

Transformational Journey: BAPS Hindu Temple

Saturday, August 27

Join us as we tour the BAPS Hindu Temple (Mandir) and conference center. After our tour we will attend the Arti or morning prayer service. Our guide will give us an overview of basic Hindu spirituality and beliefs. We will also tour the lovely grounds, learning how this temple was built.

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we are all saints2

We Are All Saints!

All Saints is a place of radical welcome for everyone in our community – and we especially want to extend that welcome to our next Rector. During the next 6 weeks, every member of the All Saints community is encouraged to participate in the We Are All Saints campaign to help make our new Rector’s transition a bit easier.

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Featured Ministry: Economic Justice & Nonviolence

by Rosemary Sova

A few years ago I had a life-threatening medical crisis. Afterward, I was healed in body, but sick in spirit. I had previously put my life as a lawyer behind me in disillusionment. Although I had never forgotten my cradle faith in God, I wondered whether God had forgotten me. Now I was weak and lost, wondering why I was even alive.

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Featured Ministry: Spiritual Direction

This week our Featured Ministry is Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction is the sharing of the journey of our lives with a trained person who can assist in developing a closer union of love with God. A spiritual director is sensitive to the subtle movements of the spirit in the unique circumstances of another person’s life.

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task force

Task Force for Latino-Hispanic Congregational Development & Sustainability

Last summer at the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church one of the resolutions adopted called for the creation of a “churchwide Network of Partners on Latino/Hispanic Congregational Ministry Development to provide coaches and mentors who will work with congregations, lay leaders, clergy, and diocesan staff.” And this week — in Baltimore, Maryland — the first meeting of the Task Force for Latino-Hispanic Congregational Development & Sustainability  is taking place — chaired by our own Antonio Gallardo.

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Why Confirmation?

At All Saints Church, the Confirmation program is a series of presentations, discussions and small group meetings designed for anyone wanting to go deeper into the history, theology and core values of the Episcopal Church. Here’s what one parish leader — Scott Lardizabal — writes about his experience with the Confirmation program:

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COM Sunday 2010 063

Featured Ministry: COLORS

by Linda Banks

Like most newcomers to All Saints, I often found myself walking around and visiting various tables on the lawn after service. In 2005, I met Helen Cooper standing at the COLORS table, and she invited me to a meeting after church. That afternoon I also met the co-founders of COLORS (Christians Offering Love to Overcome Racism in Society) Stephen and Celesta Cheney-Rice, and have been there ever since.

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Walk the Labyrinth During Lent at All Saints Church

A metaphor of our shared journey, the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool, found in almost all religious traditions in various forms around the world. Our labyrinth is a replica of the Chartres labyrinth, laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France around 1220. By walking the labyrinth, you follow a tradition steeped in spiritual mystery practiced all over the world.

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Transformational Journeys

Aubin Wilson

Growing up, my parents — my mother in particular — always spoke of the importance of a liberal arts education that spanned from the cradle to the grave. They consistently challenged their children to learn whether through our schoolwork and recreational reading or through experiences-–- visiting churches and museums, traveling, volunteering, working or watching the nightly news. As the four of us have gotten older, our passion for learning, for having new experiences, and for trying to see things from a multitude of perspectives has not diminished.

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WWJS: Where Would Jesus Shop?

by Lilli Cloud

One Christmas past, I was so lauded for the gifts I gave to a group of clients that I actually became kind of uncomfortable. “Amazing.” “You blew us away.” “Wow.” They couldn’t say enough nice things. I don’t remember exactly what I gave them, but I do know where it came from – the All Saints Alternative Christmas Market.

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