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Women’s Ordination History Project: Kathleen Dale

On July 29, 2014, the Episcopal Church will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ordinations of the first women as priests. To observe that anniversary, we reached out to women who have served at ASC over the last forty years — as well as those who have been sponsored for ordination and gone on to serve elsewhere — to share their stories. Here is one of them:

The Rev. Kathleen Askew Dale



George Regas. All Saints, Pasadena.
Ordination. Woman priest.
First in line. February 11, 1979.
Huston Horn, Dick Gillette, Doug Vest,
Mary Regas, Anne Peterson, Bishop Rusack,
cast of thousands.
All Saints, Pasadena.
Kathleen Dale.

Daughter of the American Revolution,
Southern preppy, fugitive from injustice,
radical feminist, mental health counselor,
conscientious student,
confirmed Episcopalian,
wannabe priest.

Recovering preppy,
exasperated Democrat,
tired feminist, psychotherapist,
clergy consultant, meditating Episcopalian.
35 years.
Priest in good standing.
Still standing.
Thank you George Regas.
Thank you All Saints, Pasadena.
Thank you Circle of the Sisterhood.
Grace and Gratitude.
Kathleen Dale
July, 2014

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Dear Kathleen, I don’t know know if you remember me from WHPC and the years of Mike Roffina….I always remember our Havasupi trip, more importantly I remember how strong you were, and what a role model you were for me. I appreciate so much what you accomplished and the strength and passion that you brought to your life, your position and your beliefs. Thank you for all that you were and I appreciate that yous still become. With much love and care, sending many blessings, Susi Lippuner

The Rev. Kathleen Dale…

God, you made one extraordinary woman when you made Kathleen Dale.

Thank you. She has blessed so many.

Palm Desert, California

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